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Portfolio Website for Aimko Paris

Last year, AIMKO, Paris-based creative house for events and architecture, approached DVTK to update their website.

With the understanding that it needed to better reflect their ethos and work, we started to think about how we could communicate on ephemeral events in a vivid and unconventional way. Many of AIMKO’s projects are temporary and location-specific, so we used this as a conceptual basis for the website.

The homepage greets the user with a 3D map of AIMKO’s projects, their titles scrambling in-between their coordinate locations. Upon hover, the website reveals a flash of the event in a vibrant animation, creating a transient digital moment that feels like a memory. The site also functions as an archive, where visitors can explore key projects or browse them in an exhaustive list.

Slit scan effect on project videos immerses the visitor in AIMKO’s content.

Slit scan effect on mobile.

Interactive 3D coordinate map homepage.

Project page preview.

Archive page table of contents with thumbnails that are revealed on hover.

3D coordinate map preview on mobile.

Exploring a project page on mobile.

The mobile version of the archive page allows the user to scroll horizontally through a selection of images.

About page on mobile.