Angus Chiang Augmented Reality Mobile App

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Close project

AR experience for fashion label Angus Chiang

Created by DVTK, ‘Angus Reality’ is an app designed to augment the Angus Chiang AW20 Fashion week show using AR content based on the collection’s theme. The app worked with markers, which were both printed on runway garments and disguised around the catwalk, allowing users to interact with the collection in real-time. Some markers triggered exclusive content such as backstages videos of the collection, whereas others acted as a virtual extension of the existing print.

We worked hand-in-hand with Angus Chiang’s team to bring the AR collection to life: inspired by their 2D assets and illustrations, we imagined a 3D world that would be the digital extension of the Angus Chiang collection’s spirit — based on pop culture, the Internet, and new technologies.

AR Smiley

AR Motherboard

AR SD Card reveals exclusive content

3D graphics created for the collection

Exclusive content created for the show

One of the instagram filters created for the lauch

SD Card jacket with SD Card pattern

SD Card Pattern created for the collection

One of the teaser created for the launch