Fiorucci Relaunch Archivio Page

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Close project

A teaser website for Fiorucci

For the relaunch of the iconic Italian fashion house Fiorucci, DVTK was commissioned to create an interactive teaser site to generate excitement and immerse the user in the brand’s history. We took on the challenge and built an endless 3D world where users can navigate through the brand’s archives and, like in a retrospective exhibition, explore the history of the brand in a contemporary setting.

One strong message had to be sent out: Fiorucci is coming back, staying true to its core values - optimism and fun - yet here to re-invent itself and connect with a new digital savvy audience, Generations Y and Z, for whom the teaser page would be the first introduction to the brand’s rich heritage.

Fiorucci 80’s Panini stickers

Fiorucci’s retrospective exhibition