Fornasetti Secret Game

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Plate-Smashing game for Fornasetti

The Pomo is a Milan-based agency in charge of Fornasetti’s online communication. For, they were collaborating with a wide range of creatives to come up with engaging digital experiences, allowing designers to experiment with the luxury brand’s playful values and bold imagery. They contacted DVTK to create a concept for the website’s Secret Page. The page is hidden from the common menu and can be reached only via 404 error or via easter eggs spread around the website.

As a luxury and decorative arts company, Fornasetti is known for its humor when approaching both communications and designs. Taking advantage of the brand’s witty tone of voice, we came up with a concept of a ball-trap game that would allow players to virtually smash the iconic plates. Fortunately, the brand loved this somewhat irreverent idea.

Fornasetti Secret Game recording

Butt Plate Secret Level

Skull Plate Secret Level

Owl Plate Secret Level