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Portfolio website for Maia Agency

When founder of MAIA Agency Azelle Rose Harris asked DVTK to design her website, she explained she’d like to include voice notes from her clients who could tell their experiences working with MAIA. Using voice notes indeed seemed like a great solution for MAIA Agency, as with most of their projects, the outcomes are difficult to represent visually (eg. figures demonstrating a campaign’s success).

This is how we came up with the concept of creating a messaging app interface as a design solution to let visitors explore the projects in a textual rather than visual way.

When landing on the website, visitors are prompted to pick an emoji. Once selected, a theme is triggered which customizes the interface. On a desktop, we wanted to keep the mobile interface feeling rather than adapting it to a landscape screen, thus we designed a hand that holds a phone, both formed from chrome to reflect the textures and colors from the selected theme.

Flame Theme

Galaxy Theme

Flower Theme

Desert Theme

Sky Theme

Sky Theme

On mobile, a switch button reveals an easter egg