Sharing Prosperity at the Barbican Centre

Physical InstallationVideo GameParticipative Experience2022
Close project

Video Game Installation at the Barbican Centre

The Barbican Centre invited DVTK to participate in the exhibition ‘Our Time on Earth’, about the climate emergency (May 5–August 29, 2022). We worked in collaboration with social anthropologist Professor Henrietta L. Moore, director of the Institute for Global Prosperity at UCL. Our role was to design an interactive installation to communicate IGP’s current research about the ‘Relational Economy’ and the concept of ‘Radical Solidarity’, which envisions a world within which wealth is equally shared between human and non-human beings.

Character Selector, “Swipe to select your Character”. Representing: Mountain, Bird, Human, Glacier, River, Fungi and Tree.

3 evolutions of the Mountain element.

The 7 elements from Sharing Prosperity’s planet.

21 elements from ‘Sharing Prosperity’: Bird, Fungi, Glacier, Human, River, Mountain, River and Tree.

Provocation by Pr. Henrietta L. Moore.

Provocation by Pr. Henrietta L. Moore.

Provocation by Pr. Henrietta L. Moore.

Screen recording when interacting with installation ‘Sharing Prosperity’.

When ending the game, players get to create a Solidarity Chain and save it on their phone. Its shape is unique to each player, and creates its own melody.

View of Sharing Prosperity’s installation at the Barbican Centre during ‘Our Time on Earth’ exhibition.

Outside view of the Barbican Center Museum