Swiss Design Awards 2021

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Virtual Exhibition for the Swiss Design Awards

How can we challenge the cultural figure of the independent designer, coming up with ‘a solution’ through an isolated thinking process? DVTK chose to adopt a more inclusive process, by developing the idea of shared-decision making, happening between humans with the help of computer networks.For its 2021 edition, the Swiss Design Awards’ website worked as a virtual exhibition, which was co-created with all the finalists. When the COVID crisis put a stop to live events, rather than imitating what would have happened physically, we found an opportunity to finally invent new exhibition forsms using online tools. We were able to explore what a digital show can be: not only in its aesthetics, but also in the way it is created –collectively. Instead of considering the website as a templated container filled with content, we wanted to include the participants in the interface’s design process: we invited them to draw the floor plan of their own exhibition, and we then translated these maps into 3D.

Teaser for the launch of Swiss Design Awards

Floor plan AATB

Floor plan Julia Seemann

Floor plan Alice Franchetti

Floor plan After Work

Website Homepage

Nominee’s Page as a virtual exhibition

Swiss Design Awards nominees’ virtual exhibition

Street Poster during Art Basel

Catalog and Street Poster

Catalogs in Swiss Design Awards exhibition at Art Basel

Augmented Reality Catalog Cover