Through The Window

Digital ArtNet Art2020
Close project

Participative digital art installation is an online participative platform we designed during the COVID-19 crisis. By collecting snapshots taken by people in lock-down all around the world, the platform aims to create a virtual collective landscape. As we were all being locked indoors, thanks to the Internet, we could connect and create together, beyond time and space.

Once an image is imported, it melts down into the landscape so that each individual snapshot cannot be distinguished anymore. Each individual sky snapshot is fed into an ever-evolving canvas that melts together all the skies. As when staring at the clouds in the sky, we look at this abstract collective feed that is always in motion.

In an era where the digital world is mainly populated with platforms, our aim was to show websites could also be used for creative purposes, without expecting any productive outcome.

Through The Window Exhibited at Binnale Art Show

NFT collection created for Plaza Computer exhibition by VSCO