AMI Paris

Digital BrandingDigital Campaign2023
Close project

Digital catalogue for AMI Paris

DVTK was commissioned by AMI Paris to create digital assets in support of their Spring-Summer 2023 campaign. We developed a digital narrative which set out to translate AMI’s raw and intimate touch while enhancing the concept behind the SS23 campaign, which was based on the idea of a model casting.

The digital identity consists of three components: a typeface, a mini-website, and a video for social communications. The bespoke digital typeface is inspired by an analog typewriter font. It includes variable characters that create an organic look and feel. The font is used on the mini-website, which invites AMI’s community to take part in the SS23 campaign, rearranging the digital catalog in an interaction reminiscent of the haphazard layouts of casting director pin-boards. To activate the mini-website, DVTK produced a video animation as a promotional teaser, which was shared on AMI’s social media.

Bespoke typeface inspired by typewriter machines.

Changing the weights and textures creates an analog feel.

The AMI logo is typed when the user enters ‘<3’ on their keyboard.

Using the latest technologies in typography for web, we can use randomness with the variable functionality to achieve a truly organic impression of the characters.

Mini-website: Desktop version. Rearrange and collage the campaign visuals on your screen.

Mini-website: Mobile version.

Promotional video animation used to activate the campaign on social media.