Bottega Veneta Mobile App

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Mobile app for Bottega Veneta

Social media is the archetype of seamless experience design. To live on these platforms and use them effectively, brands adapt their content to fit the guidelines imposed by these templates (creating ‘snack content’, daily posting, etc.).

In 2021, Bottega Veneta left Instagram, refusing to bound their creativity to the platform’s constraints. A year after making this bold move, it was time to think of how the brand could design its own voice in the digital landscape.

DVTK held workshops at the brand’s headquarters in Milan, reuniting marketing, digital and creative teams. With the intention to first understand the brand’s needs from each party, we gathered insights which led us to design a strategic roadmap to set up a digital presence tailored to the brand’s values. Our first milestone in this plan is the Bottega Veneta mobile app, which we designed as a creative doorway to the online world of Bottega Veneta. In contrast to social media, the Bottega Veneta app requires time and focus to be explored. It starts with a dive through a 3D tunnel. Browsing this mysterious portal, visitors wonder–where is this leading me? Our app is a portal and an initiation of creative exchange: this entrance peaks curiosity and awakens visitors.

App landing screen. ‘Welcome to the online world of Bottega Veneta’.

Diving into the tunnel to unlock a content.

Colors matching Gaetano Pesce’s set for the SS23 show.

Tunnel’s colors transition.

Access to SS23 Live Show. From Bottega Veneta’s green to Gaetano Pesce’s organic shapes of pink, blue, orange and lilac.

Water Effect phase, Bottega Veneta SS23 Lookbook. Creating tactility on digital.

Water Effect phase, Bottega Veneta SS23 Lookbook. Creating tactility on digital.

Bottega Veneta, SS23 Lookbook. We created a water-effect transition that gives to the app a tactile feeling when interacting.

Bottega Radio, Bottega Veneta × NTS Radio. The app includes an audio player from which visitors can stream series of musical soundscapes.