DVTK Lexicon,

Permanently Closed


Permanently Closed

After almost a decade serving an ever-evolving digital world with our creativity, DVTK →↓↑← is now closing its doors.

As a studio, we’ve always been deeply passionate about creating new worlds through interactions, by pushing the boundaries of technologies to tell new sorts of narratives –and never for the gimmick.

When we’ve opened the studio in London in 2015, we took part in the beginnings of online 3D experiences, and designed some of the first 3D virtual worlds (Fiorucci, Swiss Design Awards) and online video games (Fornasetti Secret Page, Maje Tetris). This has finally led us to experiment with augmented reality (Angus Chiang, Nike), virtual reality (WAH London), mobile apps (Bottega Veneta) and even physical installations (Barbican). We’ve also acknowledged the rise of mobile-first interactions and launched loadmo.re, which has become an unprecedented reference for interactive mobile design.

We’d like to say a huge thanks to everyone who has been part of this incredible journey, either by collaborating with us, trusting us with us with a digital project or as a friend or a supporter believing in us during these years.

Kim & David, co-founders.